Hi there! I'm Gladys.

Thanks for taking time to get to know about me. 


I am a homeschooling mama to four amazing kids: a toddler, a teenager & two others sandwiched in the middle, so you know our home is loud and messy, but also full of life and laughter. I met my husband in middle school; isn't that crazy??!! But also beautiful, that we have known each other that long, and we are still so in love. 


I love to kiss-attack my kiddos, have dance parties in our pj's & time around the fire pit.

I hate to pump gas in the car, guys! I don't know why. I always have. My husband knows I usually wait 'til the last possible mile to refuel, so he does it for me every time he can, and I adore him for it (but with a little guilt of course). 

I am a cancer survivor, have experienced infertility and the devastating loss of a baby. Those experiences taught me to make every day count and invest in what truly matters. As a birth photographer this ignites my heart to make meaningful connections with the families that hire me and serve them genuinely with every life experience and skill I possess. 

I am also bilingual (Eng/Spa), BirthBecomesHer Certified and have been on the other side of the camera as a birthing mom in a hospital setting and three home waterbirths.


I am a firm believer that women should be supported and encouraged through the birthing process, whatever that looks like for her. I LOVE the internal transformations of a woman through this motherhood journey, and capturing that legacy of love and strength is an honor.  

Our Code of Ethics as per 



The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers' Code of Ethics is intended to encourage and preserve the integrity of the birth photography industry. And BHP is committed to honoring each client in the following ways:


  • As birth photographers we are committed to exhibit professional conduct at all times.  This includes interactions with clients, peers, medical professionals, birth team members, support staff, administration and others.  In each interaction we are the face of the birth photography industry and we represent it as a whole.

  • I am committed to follow all hospital and birth center rules and regulations.


  • To be honest and kind to clients, peers and other birth professionals.


  • It is an industry standard to ensure you have backup gear when shooting birth photography.

  • As birth photographer I carry appropriate insurance for my business.

  • To be accountable to my clients.  Abide by my contract in regards to being on call, image delivery and archiving.


  • Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.  This includes both image theft and plagiarism.

  • As a birth photographer I have the appropriate business license in accordance with local laws and regulations.

  • As a birth photographer I pay tax in accordance with the local, state, regional and national laws.

  • As a birth photographer I utilize legal contracts with all clients to protect both my business and my clients.

  • Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability or other factors is prohibited.


  • As a birth photographer I will show respect for the birth space at all times.  This includes respecting the birth choices a family makes, the birth team, care providers, location rules and family members involved.

  • Prioritizing the medical staff over getting a particular photograph.


  • As a birth photographer I will provide the client with confidentiality in accordance with our contract at all times.  This is particularly important when sharing my presence at a birth as well as images, especially those of intimate nature, on social media.  I will always be sure to obtain permission before sharing.


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