Birth Photography is all about preserving fleeting moments.

It's about documenting your courageous journey through motherhood, revealing the strongest YOU, you have ever seen!


Images that bring memories back to life!

 It's about capturing many details, often missed - of one of the most important days of your  life.

It is my goal to capture the essence of your day, unobtrusively, respectfully and in the most authentic way as a tribute to your greatest love story & strength.


"Loved her work and work ethic. Compassionate, loving and kind. Made me so comfortable while taking these priceless intimate photos!"

-BHP Mom Romina G.

"As a doula and midwife assistant I have attended many home births, with many wonderful photographers. What makes me recommend Gladys is : she does not only capture precious memories; her kind and compassionate heart blends perfectly with the surroundings of a home birth. She has the sweetest, mindful, and tender loving soul. She holds space beautifully. It is always a pleasure to be at a birth with her. Good luck in your search and blessings for a peacefully, healthy birth!"

- Dawna Doula

"I honestly wish I can give more than 5 stars. Gladys will always have a special place in my heart.

I was pregnant with twins in 2018. My family and I were so excited and couldn’t wait to meet our boys. Unfortunately on August 31, 2018 at 36 weeks at my regular OBGYN appointment it was found that one of my twins did not have a heartbeat. My other twin had a heart condition that we knew of and had to get operated on. I was still in disbelief and was hoping that they were wrong; but I had to have an emergency c-section on 9/1/18. My sister reached out to Gladys last minute and explained what happened and came the next morning.

While all this was going on all I remember was seeing Gladys' smiling face. She had such a reassuring aura that surrounded her. She spent what felt like days with me and photographed me along with my Nathaniel. Memories that I will cherish for life. Honestly who stops what’s their doing and puts their life on hold to do this for a stranger? Gladys, she did that. The pictures she captured speak volumes, no words needed. That’s what a true photographer does, tell a story through photographs. Do I recommend Gladys? Yes I do. ❤️"
- BHP Mom Winnie J.