Birth films are about capturing your birthing story in full motion, with lights, voices and sounds that will transport you back to that life-changing day. 

There is nothing more powerful than to see & hear

yourself go from "I can't,"   to  "I did it!"

One of our favorite family traditions is to watch the birth videos of our children the night before their birthday. It always makes my heart swell up in love & reminds us of the deep love connections we share, and I would love the same for you.

There are two options available: film only, & photos and film.

Both set to licensed music & 5+ min in length . 




"In my life there are really only a few experiences that I truly cannot sum up in words. Having Gladys as my birth photographer is one of those experiences. She not only provided amazing photos; she was a calming spirit and helped in anyway she could  (essential oils, tips on how to massage my lower back during labor, jumped in to push on my back when my husband stepped out for a quick moment, essential oils to help my veins open when they couldn’t get my IV in, advocating for them  to allow me to have longer skin-to-skin time, advocated for delayed cord clamping when the nurse kept wanting to cut it etc. the list goes on!!!). She was quick to jump in and help anyway she could and always seemed to know what was needed and when. We hired her for her photography but ended up appreciating her guidance through labor the most. I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for a support through labor and incredible photos that you’ll cherish for life!" 

-BHP Mom Heather I.

"Gladys is an amazing birth photographer - and while she is completely professional, she also became a friend. She was a wonderfuI support throughout my pregnancy. I had hoped to have a natural home birth, but needed a c-section instead. While I was devastated, Gladys brought beauty and emotion to my birth story. I am so grateful to have his birth documented, as it goes by so fast. I only wished I had done the same for all my children!"

-BHP Mom Amanda L.