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Updated: Feb 5, 2020

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Gladys Garcia, BHP Owner

My name is Gladys Garcia. I am the owner of Birth Hour Photography, going on 4 years as a Maternity, Birth and Newborn photographer in South Florida; a wife and homeschooling mom to Sophia (14), Jonathan (8), Rachael (6) and Livy (3).

Before you even think "I don't know how she does it" let me say- I don't do it alone! My amazing husband of 15 years is my biggest fan and ally. I also have an incredible support system that surround me with encouragement and help when needed. The truth is that being a mom (and on top of that an entrepreneur mom) is hard. There is daily prayer, meditation, sometimes tears and lots of coffee involved I assure you! But my biggest #lifehack is community.

When I started photographing births in 2016, I ran into a quote I absolutely love, by the late Ansel Adams, "You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, and the people you have loved".

This is absolutely true, because when I step into someone's home, birthing room, or the loving space of an expecting couple, I am always empowered by all the things that fill my head/heart and I love them deeper.

In 2006 I had a beautiful hospital birth with my first-born. I witnessed strong, hardworking labor & delivery nurses, who despite their workload made me feel as if I was the most important patient that day. I am forever grateful to them. Years later, I got to birth my next three babies at home, in water, surrounded by dimmed lights, soft sounds and incredible peace, with the amazing support of family and a loving midwife. Becoming a mom has been the most extravagant adventure of my life, also the scariest. :)

While I have experienced boundless love, I am no stranger to new parents' information overload, the physical demands of pregnancy, the feelings of overwhelming fear over the unknown, or the weight of our own expectations. But I also know the value of support and have experienced that God-given wisdom that saves us from death-by-worry and gives peace for decision making as parents.

I also carry first-hand knowledge of the deep grief of losing a baby to a miscarriage. The tears, disappointment and the shredding pain of unmet expectations. But also the joy and redeeming hope of that rainbow baby; and the healing comfort received in those moments. Pain really does make us stronger and equips us to meet others at their point of need.

The Garcias

Speaking of pain, my husband and I are both cancer survivors (crazy right?!). No book could have prepared us for what we went through individually and as a family. But I promise you there were beautiful lessons and life-enhancing experiences in that too. This makes me, both as a human and a photographer, view each moment as fleeting, beautiful, irreplaceable and legacy-making that definitely deserves to be captured.

At the core of all these different life experiences, I am a daughter and granddaughter too! Filled with the timeless insight of generations before me that I get to live out and pass down to my children.

Each of these seasons have taught me valuable lessons, transformed me as a woman, and enriched my heart in ways that I can only express through the love I have for each family I have the honor to serve.

In it all, I am always careful to remember to pray diligently, love deep, work hard and never forget that


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